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From: Kaye Nolan
Date: 2002-02-04 04:43:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] [ot] becoming a vet tech

My name is Kaye, I am interested in becoming a vet also. I could
help you find out if you like? I live in tamworth in staffordshire
UK you? Any way, I have some addresses etc, and a e-mail address or
two, but they're for becoming a vet. With one of the addresses you
can e-mail Warwick, and they'l send you a lot of info. I got some
through the post, and also, if you want, I could go to our careers
library and print some things out for you, and send them through
post? let me know what you would want, I can only go in the careers
library on mondays and wednesdays.

Love Kaye,
p.s. is it a vet technologist, and or a zoo keeper you would like to
Where abouts do you live? maybee sending a letter to your local zoo,
asking for a job, giving all your information, saying you have had a
lot of years experience with animals, and you could also volunteer
at a local shelter to up your chance of getting into any zoo. If
they decline your request, maybee ask them to let you work
volunterily to get an idea of the animals, and work your getting,
then ask again in about a month for a job, if it is still your

See ya,
Love Kaye,
Snowy Fynn, and Max!
Missing Fluffy veryvery much xxxxx
Icq - 83438624
msn community - UK Ferret Fanciers

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