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From: sukieferret
Date: 2002-02-04 14:41:00 UTC
Subject: Re: ADV/Marshall Farms

> Dr Stepon, and Stephenson is vital. Getting repeat tests,
especially with
> different tests, (blood, saliva, etc). Having copies of those
tests, and
> having them scanned. Any vet visits and statements is good.
This will help
> extablish thing in a more clear and scientific way for the benefit
of all
> try you best to not assume things.... and just report the dry facts
so as to
> not cause a panic. Panic hurts people. Panic also hurts future
efforts in
> fighting this disease, and hurts reaction times (if people are
inclined to
> think any reports are just unfounded emotional assumptions).
> Please visit:



Panic is COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE to good health care, to
accuracy, and to fairness!

At this point we are presented with a situation in which far too
little is known for the conclusions being drawn.

Sit back and let the vets and testing experts do what needs to be
done, folks! It could be a false positive, and so on...

There have been far too many hurt in the ferret community by
false rumors through the years, inlcuding false health-related
rumors. Let's be logical and level-headed. At this point we do
NOT even know if there actually is ADV in that ferret.

I do not know why it is but in recent weeks in the ferret
community (multiple lists) there have been about 5 witch-hunts
going on with blames being assigned or the posts picked up by
ohters who assigned blame before facts are even in.

If the unthinking panic continues we moderators will have to
discuss ending this thread except for educational posts and the
final actual test results (transcript preferred) when the person
has the vet test using blood and using the manufacturer to check
it, and checks to make sure it was not too close to CDV vax in
case that can throw off any results, etc.

This is being blown up way too much and way too fast on too
little basis. Let's get FACTS FIRST!