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From: sukieferret
Date: 2002-02-04 17:42:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Does my vet know about ferrets

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., Hettinger Jennifer <jchprocess@y...>
Are there any questions I can ask my vet that would let me know
for sure if he knows what he is doing?

Here is a resource list. Especially from the articles by ferret vets
you can not only learn, but can develop questions about
common health problems like insulinoma, adrenal neoplasias,
cardiomyopathy, and other typical problems then compare what
the vet says to what you have learned Past posts at are also a great
way to come up with questions.

Last modified 2/3/02 (and always looking for more ferret-health

PLEASE, remember that I am ALWAYS seeking health websites
such as those below, so am happy to have them passed on if
you know of any I have missed.

Important note: it appears that anything that is associated in the
lists with the names "Acme" and "Howard or Anne Davis" now
link directly into a very overt porn site but a few of the website
owners have not changed those entries. As Linda Iroff explained
this sometimes happens when folks let their registration for a
name lapse; porno sites grab them up. Hopefully, those links
will get cleaned-up at all locations finally. (archives of
the FML; see top of list for other info also readily available) (discussion w
ferrets folks, incl. knowledgeable vets, also health files and
archives, questions addressed) (many health articles by vets and
others) (ferret pathology and health
care site by vet who is world expert on several things including
ECE, feeding sick ferret) (helps find and links to many
sources of ferret medical information) (another clear site w links to
many sources of ferret medical information) (info and
over-view by vet specialist) (another site by a ferret-specialist
vet) (site by vets) (incredibly inclusive site with
translations available in multiple languages, addresses health
as well as behavior, basics, natural history, and more, also has
many, many links to anything ferret) (Aleutian
Disease Virus site) (poison control for animals) (American Veterinary Medical Assoc. incl.
The Compendium of Animal Rabies Control at which should be given
to all emergency rooms in human-hospitals) (easily accessed links for more health
info) (deafness) (American Ferret Association) (ADV testing -- this page
has a name change so the old one has links you can follow)
(Compendium of Veterinary products) (on-line medical dictionary) (vet info,
but they are not ferret specialists, and there are more up-to-date
and accurate sources -- it has had a change but like the one
above it has links at this address)
l (list of some compounding pharmacies) and (vet
page with very detailed adrenal and insulinoma info) (insurance) (travel chairs and mobility aids) (vets providing multiple
pieces of health information, and telling about California-specific
concerns) (National Ferret Welfare
Society in the UK, including vet articles on things not found often
elsewhere like castration, or abscesses) (medical info,
including from vets, and including some topics not seen in many
places like first aid kits, or dental hygiene, or holiday hazards) (food
comparison chart) (info from vet on
heartworms in several animals, including ferrets. Be sure to see
the miamiferret site above for more specific heartworm info as
well.) (ADV info) (heart info from vets) (epidemiological cedar and pine
info) (a new way to reach an extensive
grouping of articles by vets and others, and a recommended vet
list) (animal welfare
act) (fed. regulations
and more), AND AND
ml AND (hoarding and how it
hurts animals) (multiple
ferret health articles, with plans to also add more, and add some
to in the future)
(zoonoses, for those weird times when you share something
other than just influenza with your ferrets)