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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2002-02-05 00:18:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Ibuprofen In Ferrets

Well thanks to a shelter mom who wishes to remain nameless I have the
information about Ibuprofen I need. Unfortunately it's not good
news for the ferret being treated with it. Guess who the vet is??

Here is the active link for the ASPCA site that has the info:

It's always good to get info; hope to get the chance to read them
fully tomorrow but two things stuck out on preliminary reading: the
comment that "Ibuprofen is not used therapeutically in ferrets" which
is what you needed for your information-sharing with that vet, and
that the cases in which death occurred involved quite high doses --
more than a full caplet if the 200 mg ones we have here are typical
-- with the lowest dose that caused death being 220 mg/kg. 1 kg is
roughly equal to 2.2 pounds. Of course, a number of the non-death
things that can happen sure don't sound like fun (poor ferrets) so
it's great that you are sharing that info with the vet. If a person
thinks that he or she may have dropped a caplet get those ferrets
locked up and search -- or better, yet, swallow any of your meds AWAY
from ferrets -- with a closed door between you, and store them
safely! There are ones worse than Ibuprofen for ferrets.

Thanks for posting the links! We can all learn that way. Thanks,
too, to the person who got them to you so that you could post them.