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From: daneedv
Date: 2002-02-04 22:18:00 UTC
Subject: Re: ADV: an MF statement

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> I would like to test my ferts for peace of mind...could someone
> tell me which of the 2 tests is more accurate? Thanks!

I believe that all of the comercially available tests are fairly
The big problem that I see with the home test is that you need to
follow the directions carefully. There have recently been some cases
of people getting false negatives with the home tests, but if they
did not follow the instructions, that may be what caused the
problem. If it says to shake the solution for 60 seconds, that means
60 seconds and not 30 seconds. (I do not remember what the timing is -
I use that only as an example).
I personally prefer to use the United CEP, but that is just my
personal preference. I have done a lot of testing where I have
collected samples and sent them to both United for the CEP and Avecon
for the ELISA, and most of the time the test results come back the
Always remember - no test is 100% accurate. All ADV tests should be
redone after several weeks, and if there are discrepancies, a third
test should be run.