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From: nakinasty
Date: 2002-02-05 17:19:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Bladder stones

Hi Amy,

Thanks for the reply.

Hers were cystine-based, and she
> had four surgeries in her first 3 years to have stones removed. >
We tried the lower-protein diet,

This is something that I have discussed with the vet, however, she
was not very encouraging about that solution because of Big Fun's
digestive issues.

four surgeries in her first 3 years to have stones removed.

YIKES!!!!Would really like to avoid that!!

> I worked closely with my vet to have him research his medical
> and speak with others knowledgeable about bladder stones and we
> experimentally tried a medicine combination that worked. The
medicines were
> Tiopronin and Policitra-K.

This is what we are doing now. She is checking on VIN and I am
checking here to try and find a solution. I will tell the vet of the
drugs you mentioned. What were the dosages etc?

As of now we are looking at exrays every couple of months to keep an
eye out for more stones. If more are found or form I quess that
means more surgery. Some how it seems as if there should be a less
stressful way of helping Big Fun.

Once again thanks for the info. Knowledge is power!



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