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From: Barb Gustafson
Date: 2002-02-05 19:57:00 UTC
Subject: Lupron use long term

My veterinarian would like to speak with or email Dr Karen
Purcell or Dr Bruce Williams regarding the effects of long
term Lupron use in adrenal ferrets. Dr Purcell touched on
this subject at the 2002 Ferret Symposium. She mentioned
something about long term use causing a loss of bone density
or something along that lines and now I'm nervous about using
it. When I spoke to her she suggested that an x-ray would
show if this had occurred. My vet is willing to do the x-ray
to compare to an older x-ray but would like more information
first. Boots has been on monthly Lupron injections for
approx 16 months now. Can anyone tell me how I go about
getting contact information for either or both of these vets?

Barbara Gustafson
Alberta Ferret Society