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From: sukieferret
Date: 2002-02-06 21:04:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Good Ferret Medical Books

> I also started a new program: Anytime I buy a book for myself
>about ferrets, I also purchase it for my vet.

LOL! While we could afford that we did it, too, and we have lent
books and such to them. Gave them Charles Weiss's tape, the
PDR for Herbal Meds, and others.

Now our income is down and their prices are up so we can't do it

It is great thing to do when possible, though, and i have noticed
that when we lend a book they often wind up buying themselves
a copy (with Dr. Karen Purcell's book being one example), so i
get to influence them to improve their library and have a useful
reference myself. It's a fine use for my fun money.

Sure hope that others try these approaches when able.