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Date: 2002-02-08 14:32:00 UTC
Subject: Why The Ferret?

I read the posts daily, and have even posted messages myself at
times. I can't help but wonder why these babies are so prone to a
myriad of devastating health problems. We have lost 4 loved ones in
the course of 2 years and now we're dealing with a very sick boy who
has IBD and after 2 months of a diet and medicine regimen has only
seen 2 weeks of what I would call a remission. We're also dealing
with a little girl who has kidney failure. I can't take anymore
losses...I look at at the nine beauties we have and wonder when and
what the next trauma will be. To the Doctors out there.....why?
What's so different about thier physiology compared to our other
'house' pets. Yes, my dogs and cats have been sick at various times,
but these animals for the most part seem to endure so much better. I
would and will do whatever is in my power and bank account to keep
these wonderful animals healthy and happy, but my heart is breaking
at past losses and I dread the future.

"If A Man Aspires Toward A Righteous Life, His First Act Of
Abstinence Is From Injury To Animals "

Erika and the taliban