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From: Vicky
Date: 2002-02-09 11:47:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Lupron VS Melatonin

Jen wrote:
Can anyone tell me if they use Melatonin instead
of Lupron. What is the difference? Do you use
them together? Does melaonin work as well?

Jen and other ferret friends,
I use melatonin for my older adrenals. I simply
cannot afford lupron, otherwise I might try it.
Thus far, this is my experience with adrenals:

Sunny - 6? yr old foster from Rocky's Ferret
Rescue - adrenal on melatonin treatment,
developed prostrate problems and died shortly
after surgery for that

Buddy - 6? yr old foster from Rocky's - adrenal
on melatonin treatment, had adrenal surgery...
vet removed both adrenals, his spleen (complete
with human-fist-sized tumor), and a stomach
tumor, then Buddy's heart simply stopped when the
vet was closing him up

Holly - 7? yr old foster from Rocky's - adrenal
on melatonin treatment - has regrown ALL hair and
her swollen vulva has returned to normal :)

Thomas - 6? yr old from Rocky's - adrenal &
insulinoma - on melatonin and pred - not a
surgical candidate, as he's too frail and
stresses SO easily. He's doing OK on his meds,
maintaning weight, etc.

In addition to the melatonin treatment, my
ferrets eat a mix of high quality ferret foods
supplimented with Nupro, Nutri-Drops, and homeade
chicken gravy. I've seen dramatic improvements
with all my fosters as soon as they came home
with me, even if they still had adrenal.

Vicky Edinger

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