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From: Sandy Adams
Date: 2002-02-09 19:20:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Ferret Weight

There are tons of reasons why a ferret could lose a lot of weight- blockage,
change of food, infection, ulcers, too many to list.... get the baby to the
vet.. until then chicken baby food mixed with water and heavy cream will
keep her going.. about 60 c/c's /eye dropperfuls will be enough.. even if
she doesn't want to eat or drink she must.. i've sat their with sick ones of
mine and let them lick it off my finger.. and generally that works.. good
luck.. but vet please soon.. it doesn't take long for these little guys to
get bad quick..

Sandy & The Adams Family Ferrets
Ferret Hospice & Waystation of Oklahoma

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> The same thing happen to my ferret, Chocolate. The
> vet said it is a sign of cancer. The blood test
> revealed that he did have cancer. Take her to your
> vet and have her checked out.
> --- jaimeer98 <jaimee@k...> wrote:
> > My Ferret is Losing a bunch of weight i mean shes
> > just skin and
> > bones and my other ferret is fat i mean fat fat what
> > should i do I'm
> > scared and i don't want my baby girl to die
> >