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From: sweet28red
Date: 2002-02-10 12:03:00 UTC
Subject: is he sick???

I have a year old ferret that our family took in with his buddy too.
They are the sweetest things. The male is Bubba and the female is
Oscar. Anyway, Bubba when I took him to the vet for their shots
weighed a whopping 2lbs7oz. Well, he started sneezing and coughing,
so the vet put him on antibiotics plus gave him a shot. Oscar got
the cold so I got her taken care of too. Then about 2 weeks later
Bubba started almost a choking cough type sound. Took him back to
the vet said he was running a slight temp and his weight was down to
2lbs.4oz. It may not seem like much but ounces I think count a lot
for these little guys. He is still playing, running, and eating like
normal just doesn't seem well. The vet gave him another shot and put
him on Clavomox this time. He has quit the choking sound but he
still isn't putting the weight back on. Should I be worried or just
give it a little more time and see what happens? Oscar has not
gotten sick again and she seems to hover and nitpick Bubba since this
last visit to the vet. Anyway, just curious. I am learning all I
can about ferrets and their care. When we got them the cage was
mildewed and disgusting and they were being fed Alley Cat catfood.
We cleaned up the cage (it looks new almost) and switched them to
Country Valley Ferret food. Every once in a while Bubba gets
peanutbutter (Oscar doesn't like it) and we have some ferret treats
they get once a day. Thanks in advance for any help or advice I get.
Thank you!!! Sweet28red