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From: daneedv
Date: 2002-02-10 17:51:00 UTC
Subject: Re: How to get ADV testing?

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., "sneakonator" <MHarper97@a...> wrote:
> I was at my vet yesterday getting my ferret his vaccines, and I
> him about ADV testing. I want to take my ferret to the Expo in PA,
> and I know a negative test is a requirement. My vet has never done
> test, and doesn't know what he needs to take as far as bloodwork or
> who to send it to.

Here is a link to a new site I found that has information on both the
Avecon tests and the United tests:
I have also added this link into the bookmarks section of this site.
The Avecon website is already listed in the Bookmarks.
Unfortunately, I do not know the site address for United, and it has
not been put in the Bookmarks. If someone else knows it, perhaps
they can add it so we can all find it easily.