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From: jasperand4
Date: 2002-02-09 21:33:00 UTC
Subject: Cat Milk

Hello everyone,
I don't have a specific medical question, as such, as all my 5 ferrets are,
and always have been, very healthy -- thank goodness!
However, I do have a question for the vets and anyone else that feels they
can contribute some knowledge.
Several months ago I started to give my ferrets *cat milk* as a treat. I
gave it to them about twice a week and they really enjoyed it. Over the
last few weeks, I have somehow, got into the habit of giving it to them
every day. It is rather difficult to resist a ferret looking at you, while
standing hopefully, next to the refrigerator.
I always dilute the milk with a little water, incase it is too rich for
their tummies and they have shown no sign of any change in their litter tray
I was wondering if giving them this milk, on a daily basis, could possibly
do them any harm. Could this do any harm to their kidneys?
They have the diluted cat milk, once a day and they have a fresh supply of
water, at all times.

Thankyou for any feedback.


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