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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2002-02-12 00:44:00 UTC
Subject: kinked whiskers

O.K., I have a very strange question.,
I just noticed that the end of the whiskers on my ferret
are kinked and white- a thick white, I think thicker than
the regular whisker, but the curled appearance is what bothers
me. It is not just the whiskers, but also the hair above his eyes,
and some of the guard hairs- although these don't appear kinked,
just white tips- I also think the hairs with the white tips pull out
easily? Well they pulled out and he didn't seem to mind so much,
and one whisker came out in my hand it was completely white,
I didn't pull it, he moved as I was checking it, and it didn't' hurt
him, none of the others pull out ( don't worry no ferret was
actually harmed in this experiment )

I checked every other ferret and only one has a slightly white
whisker that is a little curly- everyone else, sick or old, young,
etc have normal whiskers and guard hairs.

First I thought about getting into paint, but there isn't any around,
and it would kink the hair anyway. I am wondering about
nutritional problem, they are all on a good kibble mix.
Or maybe I just didn't notice it before? He is around 3 year old,
had a left adrenalectomy and splenectomy about a year ago,
and otherwise healthy,

If anyone can tell from the pictures what is wrong I would appreciate



Attachment 189k (image/jpeg) Bear again,e.jpg

Attachment 34k (image/jpeg) Bear's whiskers,e.jpg

Attachment 60k (image/jpeg) Bear's guard hairs.JPG