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From: Alison Wilson
Date: 2002-02-12 09:30:00 UTC
Subject: House-training an older ferret

I´ve recently acquired a 5 y.o. ferret, my first ferret. I´ve run into a
couple of problems that I´m hoping that the more experienced ferret owners
on the list can help me with. Firstly, she doesn´t always just use her
litter tray, but sometimes - not every day but perhaps 2-3 x a week, will
defaecate and urinate in the apartment, usually in corners. She´s previously
been kept mostly in a cage, but I want her to have the run of the apartment
as much as possible. I´ve told her off when I´ve caught her messing on the
floor, and I´ve ran with her to her tray if I´ve been quick enough to see
that she was about to do something. I´ve also put a couple of small food
bowls with food in the corners of the kitchen where she particularly likes
to go, and she´s stopped going here, but just finds new places.
I have a cat as well, and she uses the same tray as him, even though she´s
got one of her own. Is it because of this? Both trays are emptied daily. Do
ferrets need to mark their territory like cats often do? We live in a rented
apartment with wooden floors, so I need to find a solution before the floors
are destroyed.
The other thing is, she´s really sweet and enjoys our company, and likes to
follow us around. The bathroom however is out of bounds as she likes to
remove the drain cover and drink from it. I´m afraid of her falling down one
day and drowning. When I close the door, and especially if I´m in there, she
scratches unabated on the door. How can I stop this?
Basically I need help with reading body language of ferrets and with how to
stop them doing things. How do I know that I´ve gotten through to her?
My boyfriend is not a big ferret lover, and her scratching and messing in
the apartment isn´t helping matters.
Any help is much appreciated,
Alison Wilson
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