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From: nibbler_76
Date: 2002-02-12 21:57:00 UTC
Subject: Problems!

To make a long story somewhat shorter. Skittles has suffered ECE that
lasted 3 months because he was adrenal but too weak to go through
surgery. He went through surgery about 2 months ago. Everything went
fine. Although now I am suspecting he is adrenal again! I know this
is possible but am giving it tell spring to make sure. He started
growing hair then stopped. Then is loosing hair again except his tail
is regrowing. It is confusing me! The other symptom that is apparent
again is mounting my other ferrets...I know my options lubron and of
course sugery but it is the right! My question to all you who have
gone through Adrenal surgery have you ever gone through hair coming
one day and going the next then growing again...and how long did it
take for your baby to grow back after surgery. Basiclly Skittles is
practically bald except his tail, head and legs other then that he
has hair sparenly on the rest of his tummy and back.

My thoughts of waiting are spring shed and regrowth!

Plus perhaps the adrenal maybe running it's course cause we caught it
before any real hair loss was apparrent...this one has got me I had
another that went adrenal but within two months or less was fuzzier
then ever.

Just looking for your experience in this department.

Sincerely Vex