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From: keldah_99
Date: 2002-02-13 15:12:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Colds

It sounds like you're doing everything you're supposed to and that's
why it's a little confusing. I do know that if a ferret has a cold,
we too can catch it from them and give it right back to them when
they get better. We can even have the cold germs but no symptoms and
give it back to them. That's why if we ever get a slight cold we
should never breathe on them or give them kisses for a while, plus
washing your hands before you handle them helps. Another thing is
that since ferrets have a great sense of smell, they can pick up all
kinds of things. Our first baby Goku used to have awful sneezing
fits. I kept his area well dusted and vaccumed since dust easily
irratates them. At the time due to rearranging furniture, his cage
was across the hall from the bathroom. Well, come to find out, the
smell from the clorox tablet that I put in the toilet tank, was
causing him to have sneezing fits. I moved him immediatley and was
fine within the hour. Fragrence carpet cleaners and air fresheners
can irritate them as well and make them sneeze like crazy. All the
sneezing causes runny noses and eventually they have a cold. Try
keeping your baby and your cat away from eachother so that they can
both try to recover completely. Also, if you do use those cleaner
things, try to avoid using them around his area for a while and see
what happens. I might be completely off base with what might be
wrong but I do know that these things do cause them to get sick and
that they can continually catch colds from other animals and us.
Good luck. :)


--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., JMarkCrosby363@a... wrote:
> Our first ferret in a long time continues with a cold: sneezing
etc. He has
> taken antibiotics three times that help, but as soon as he goes off
them he
> starts back up. Now he gets the cat sick as well every time and
last months
> vet bills were upwards of 300 dollars. Does anyone have any ideas
why he
> keeps getting sick. He is inside, out of drafts, eats good food and
has a
> nice warm cage.
> Thanks Much;
> J. Mark Crosby