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From: weezilized
Date: 2002-02-14 01:45:00 UTC
Subject: my weezil is broken! (possible insulinoma??)

the kids were all off being weezil-sat from last tue-sun while we did
a major house-overhaul and cleaning... when it came time to pick them
up, i had the flu, so i sent my boy to go get them while i stayed
home. i continued to have the flu for a couple more days, and now the
boy has it... anyway, long story short, the kids haven't been out of
their cage, really, for the few days that they've been back.

i picked zillah up tonight, and something seemed wrong with her--i
put her down and she just sorta flopped onto her side. after a bit of
waking up and some ferretvite, she wandered around the room a bit,
but her gait is really wobbly, she seems to be turning her head in
one direction, and occasionally her head will twitch repeatedly--like
a tic of some sort. she has lost a bit of weight, and seems really
low-energy. her back legs are working, but do seem a bit weak. this
morning she was in the top level of the cage, so i know she was still
climbing alright as of this morning.

no tongue lolling, no drooling, no screaming (well, except when loki
was chewing on her neck earlier).

i've got her set up in isolation in a large carrier with a hammock
for the night, so i'll be able to check her poop and such in the

does this sound like it might just be weakness from catching my flu,
or do you guys think it sounds like insulinoma? she's about 3 years
old now, so the age is fairly likely.

should i just get a BG done on her (and how long should i withhold
food beforehand?), or should i go ahead and do full bloodwork in
hopes that if it's not insulinoma, it might alert us to something