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From: sukieferret
Date: 2002-02-15 15:39:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Any with NO health problems?

> Do ferrets have more medical problems than the dog or cat?

Most of our ferrets have not had serious medical problems till
old age, or sometimes late middle age. In June we'll have had
ferrets in our family for 20 years.

I don't think that ferets have any more problems than anything
else; they just compress everything into 7 or 8 years (sometimes
fewer, sometimes more).

Everything and everyone dies of something. Those who die in
old age also die of something like circulatory disease, or
pancreatic disease, or a malignancy, or...

I am sorry that you have had such a rough time of it recently.
Know what that is like. We've had times when we've had
incredibly healthy crews, but sometimes -- like now -- we have
too many who had a rough start before they found there way
here, or arrived with deformities or existing medical problems.
Right now, all but one of our's have some sort of medical
concern, but only two of those are serious right now, and only
three of the crew are on daily meds, one on meds every three
days, and two on meds every few months. It's an unusual
situation, just like having an unusually healthy crew can be.
Have had both extremes, but usually find ourselves somewhere
between them.