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From: kathie weber
Date: 2002-02-16 10:30:00 UTC
Subject: transplanting plants

Hi everyone, We're finally settling in with our baby 5
month male Pookie. It's so different having a kid
again. I forgot how energetic they are. Wow! Our only
problem, not bad considering he wasn't out of a cage
until 3 weeks ago, is that he's a jumper. I swear he
has springs on his feet. He loves to jump and dig in
all my plants. I have them behind the couch on high
tables and he manages to get to them. He also loves to
clean off my end tables but theres nothing on that he
can get in to. How do I save my plants? Barney Mandy
and Buster were never that obsessed with dirt like
Pookie. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Kathie and the gang

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