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From: Lynn McIntosh
Date: 2002-02-17 13:55:00 UTC
Subject: Proglycem Sources?

Hello. I am cost shopping for commercial brand Proglycem (30 ml bottle;
50mg/ml). I have reasearched the sources on Michael Janke's great website
and done a general web search, but can find no source where a full bottle
(30ml) it is less that around $125, which I can get it for around here (Seattle).
One of the sites I found was for a "Canada Pharmacy" which appeared to have
a good deal, but it is not the US commercial brand and they will not fill
prescriptions for animals. I used to get it from Goods Pharmacy in Texas
where it was $95 for a commercial bottle (!) but that deal is long gone. Can
anyone send a referral for anything under $125? I would greatly appreciate it
if so! Thank you.
Lynn McIntosh <faiml@u...>