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From: Trina
Date: 2002-02-17 17:04:00 UTC
Subject: ill ferret

Hi, I have been reading the list awhile now but have never had the need to
post .... until now.
My Fozzy is very ill. (He will be 4 yrs old at the end of the month, is not
a pet store ferret.)
Watery eyes, lethargic, hind end weakness, losing weight. This has been
going on for a week now, he's not gotten worse but not gotten better. Went
my vets office to find out he retired had to see another Vet in the clinic.
They had no ferret experience, gave him antibiotics. Went to my dogs vet
yesterday and demnaded bloodwork be done, which won't go out until Monday
Vet does not feel any masses, nothing detected so far on tests done.
Glucose normal. Kidneys fine, poop is a little bit mucousy today. But I was
giving duck soup, vet is giving nutrical and A/D.
Any ideas anyone?
Might this be a cancer? I have had ferrets with different cancers in the
past but they got sick and just went downhill quickly even with meds. And
fozzy is getting worse, just not improving though. Right now he is not on
any meds.

Also what should I be looking for in the blood work? anything specific?
I have all the normal blood values but do not know what to really look for.

Any help would be appreciated.

Trina Chaney