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From: Vicky
Date: 2002-02-18 08:47:00 UTC
Subject: Re;Advice for Knucklehead!

Hi Angela,
Thanks for replying. Knucklehead is sticking his
tongue out at you right now! He came to me with
that name and I tried to switch it to Buddy, but
then I got a foster named Buddy and Knucklehead
got his name back. He's happy because he knows
that name. His vet records are under his
nickname Buddy. :)

What Angela wrote (below) is exactly what I have
been thinking... that surgery might not be a good
idea for Knuckles. Any vets that are reading...
could you post your opinions? (See my original
post in yesterdays messages.) Angela mentioned
Lupron, what exactly does that do to combat

One of my fosters, Sunny, was adrenal and
developed prostrate problems. Because of that
experience, I do know the signs and will monitor
Knuckles for that.


"Message: 11
From: Angela Espinet <shelterwoman@y...>

Poor thing, what a name!!! I am going to give
you my honest opinion for what it is worth, as I
am sure everyone else will do the same! Since
poor Knuckles is 7 years old and has insulinoma,
I feel, as you, that it will be extremely
stressful for him to have surgery and just how
long you would extend his life is questionable at
best! However adrenal tumors in male ferrets can
become life threatening at an alarming rate, when
the prostate becomes involved! You will need to
keep a close check to make sure he is urinating
without difficulty and perhaps you could consider
giving him Lupron injections, as it would stretch
out the cost for you, would be much less
stressful to the ferret and would help keep the
symptoms at bay---Perhaps a name change might
help??? (just joking)---Angela."