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Date: 2002-02-18 09:54:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Very concerned about
weight--someone please respond

I'm far from an expert on ferrets, but I have a male (Sundance) who
was very fat, then painfully skinny because of diabetes, then
heavier because of insulin, then skinny because of adrenal, now
gaining weight because of Lupron. When he was skinny because of
diabeties he also had a funny walk, was listless and disinterested
in the world. during his time on insulin (glucose suddenly
corrected so he's off the insulin for now) he gained weight but
wasn't really interested in anything, ignored my other guys. After
his glucose corrected he became his old self, but was itchy, stinky
and going bald and got real skinny. Now after his first dose of
Lupron he's gaining weight and hair and is back to his old self.
P.J. on the other hand is long and lean and if I compared him to
Sundance before his illnesses I would have said there was something
wrong with P.J. If everything else is fine - eating, pooping,
playing, bright eyed, full and silky coat, I personally would chalk
it up to a skinny ferret. My Princess, by the way, is 9 months and
I don't know which way she's going to go, she seems like she may be
on her way to be small but chubby, but could end up lean.
I am not a vet, and wouldn't have even dared respond except your
message sounded like you had posted before and gotten no response.
If you have a ferret wise vet and he said to worry -then worry, but
if not, then I personally see no real reason to worry. Oh, and easy
on the ferret-vite, too much sugar isn't good either - better to
fatten her up with chicken baby food or the like.

Good luck,
Princess and the naughty boys