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From: nlchipman
Date: 2002-02-18 15:56:00 UTC
Subject: Post surgical paralysis

My question involves my 5 year old ferret Snoop. He underwent
surgery on January 14th to remove and prostate cysts. He seemed to
be recovering well from his surgery until about the 9th day. At that
time, his tail seemed to go limp and, progressively over the next 4
days, he lost all use of his hind end. He cannot even pee on his
own. I have to squeeze him to extract his bladder. He is on
Dexamethazone and has not improved or gotten worse. Other than his
paralysis, he seems very bright and lively.

I was concerned about ADV, so I did the home saliva test, which came
out negative. The vet believed it was a stroke or an embolism, but
it seemed too progressive to be that. Does anyone have any