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From: Diane C. Wall
Date: 2002-02-19 09:23:00 UTC
Subject: Suggestions for Jumpers and Diggers

I have a somewhat similar problem with my little "Bouncy" she is a two
or three year old female and weighs a little over a pound and was
rescued by a nice person who noticed five ferrets stuck in a small pet
carrier and left by a dumpster last January.

She picked us at the shelter by jumping through the air like a little
flying squirrel and latching onto a sweater. She digs in her bowl and
distributes all of the food all over the place and would do so with the
plants given the chance. We hung out plants from the ceiling and out of
jumping reach from the top of the cage as well.

When we attended a Massachusetts Ferret Friends event last summer, we
were lucky enough to win a "rice box" in a raffle. It's nothing more
than a large Tupperware like container filled half way with regular
uncooked rice (not minute rice just incase the swallow a piece). She
digs away in this box like a little maniac and this seems to get the
digging out of her system.

I do have another tree like plant which we repotted in a "paint bucket"
like you get a hardware store, we cut a hole in the cover, remove the
handle and put the whole thing in a decorative container. Just another