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From: Roger Vaughn
Date: 2002-02-19 13:14:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] 5 Month old balding ferrets

Two of them losing their coats at the same time, at such a young age
doesn't sound like adrenal, you're right. It's possible, but not
likely. Some ferrets will blow their coats during seasonal coat
changes. Are you keeping them in any unusual lighting situations?
Also possible is a mite infestation, fungus or other similar skin
condition. Have your vet check them out for this.

Most owners recommend against 8-in-1 Ultra, though I personally don't
know the arguments against it. I would skip the Marshall's food and
the odor control. (Especially the odor control!) Marshall's has a high
concentration of fish, which causes smellier ferts and poops. I have
switched all of my Marshall's babies off of that food and they are much
better smelling - and have far less stool volume. 8-in-1 Ultimate (NOT
Ultra), Mazuri, Totally Ferret, Zupreem, Path Valley Farms, and The
Ferret Store's private blend are all good foods.

Digger, Bear, Fox and Sniffles