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From: miamiferret
Date: 2002-02-20 18:42:00 UTC
Subject: Re: SICK BOY PLEASE HELP!!!!!

It seems highly unlikely that even if the baby did have ADV, Kramer
would be seriously ill from contact with the new baby in the last
week. If Kramer tests positive, he could have contracted it long ago.

ECE is a possibility too... I hate to sound like a broken record, but
it seems to be an all too common story when a new ferret is

Kramer needs to eat, whatever is going on. If he's not eating enough
on his own, you will need to feed him. Chicken baby food is the
best. Minimum, 20cc's three times a day. More is better.

We really need a FAQ on this topic.


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<nrsl_cartridge@y...> wrote:
> getting Kramer a new buddy would be a good idea, boy was i wrong!!!!
> Kramer has been avoiding the little one to, he`s not eating well,
> is grinding his teeth, now he`s having trouble walking!
> i took him to the vet last thursday, she put him on amoxil 2 times
> day and this other stuff (pepto i think for a ulser) 3 times a
> day,now it`s been a week and he seems to worse than before, could
> be ece or ADV???