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From: Barbara Carlson
Date: 2002-02-21 08:23:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Hairballs

> From: Keldah Artrip <keldah99@y...>

> Goku seems to be having trouble with furballs lately. I've heard about
> Ferra-lax (not sure as to correct name) that helps them pass the furballs
> quickly. Has anyone had any success with that?

Yes, it does work. Any kind of hairball remedy works, actually. My ferrets
don't like Ferretlax but they like Kittymalt (liver flavor). Just use
whatever they'll take willingly. As for working, someone in my club had a
partial blockage from a hairball, so I decided to be more dilegent about
giving the hairball remedy, but none of my guys had any symptoms or
anything. I was giving it twice a day and a few days later when I cleaned
the cage, I found a HUGE hairball someone had pooped out! It looked like a
caterpillar cucoon! It was shaped like poop, but it was white and furry. I
asked my vet why it would be white when all I had in that cage were sable
ferrets, and she said the acids bleach the color out of the hair.