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Date: 2002-02-21 03:53:00 UTC
Subject: ADV antibody test

Hello.. I am writing in regards to the Avecon quick ADV test.
I am wondering how many people have come up with negatives
only to find out later through blood test that some of there
ferrets are indeed infected with the virus? I have several
shelter friends that took to heart the the quick test were
accurate. Only to have Avecon state that it is human error
and not the test error. Yet, I have heard also that the quick
test are only to confirm no currant active virus in the system
(note that I said active) Dr Willaims, Dr Ruth or Doc Murray
can you shed some light on this subject? I am so worried and
inteed on having my guys blood tested soon as I sit here and
stare at the seven quick test I ordered and now am sending
Any thoughts, help will be much appreciated
Leanne B
mom to Tigger, Cocoa, Pugs, Cali, Rascal and Jewels