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From: Richard Steele
Date: 2002-02-21 09:52:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] Dental questions

I've been wondering this same thing. Mine were 8 months old
when we got them from a bad home and they were eating Purina
Kitten Chow. All their teeth are very very yellow. Could it
have something to do with feeding cat food instead of ferret
food? I think that Clyde's have gotten a little less yellow
in the months that we've had him and feeding Zupreem ferret
food the whole time (after the first few days to allow for
lower stress overall of course). Would small dental dog bones
maybe help if they'll actually chew on them at all? Or some
other similar treat like tarter control treats for cats or
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From: Sole
To: Ferret Health List
Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2002 5:08 PM


I got new questions for all of you. My 8 month old ferret
Ringo had some dental tartar. Today the vet removed it and
cleaned his teeth completely. So, Ringo is OK now but I'm
surprised because he is so young and had so much tartar. He
had his two molars with a lot of tartar (they were brown)
and a little spot in one front teeth. I've always read that
this problems are seen in much older ferrets.

Ringo is a pet store ferret and he was eating Iams Kitten
there until December, when we bought him (by that time his
teeth had tartar). Now he is eating Eukanuba Kitten. The
only treat I give him is Linatone, so he doesn't eat soft
food. I'm worried abut his teeth and because the cleaning he
had today was under general anesthesia: I don't want to do
this in a regular basis. So this are my questions:

1. ¿Is it normal for a ferret his age?¿Can this be a sign of
illness? He seems very healthy.
2. How can I prevent future dental problems?. I think I
can't clean his teeth daily, because he hardly lets me clean
his ears. Is there some dental paste for ferrets that makes
easier this task? Dental brushes for cats seems so big...
Should I give him something special to nibble?

Any suggestions?

Luckily, Ringo came out well from anesthesia and he is
eating and returning to his normal activities.

Thanks in advance

Sole & Ringo

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