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From: nlchipman
Date: 2002-02-21 11:20:00 UTC
Subject: Re: SICK BOY PLEASE HELP!!!!!

when i was reading the posts about the baby`s from
> > marshall`s that were testing pos for ADV i ordered the kit to test
> > them, we`ll it came back neg. but the funny thing the next morning
> > the test read pos?????
> The tests all look positive after a while ... it's like home
> tests -- they all turn positive eventually. If you got a clear
> background and a clear pink line (and only ONE line) then it's

My ADV saliva test did not reverse results like that. I was
interested in seeing if the line would change over time, so I left it
on the counter for 3 days, and checked it periodically. The negative
result did NOT turn to positive and no "T" line ever appeared,
instead the the pink "C" line simply faded away over time to a clear
white background.