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From: nlchipman
Date: 2002-02-21 09:05:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Stiff Joints

> I recently had a male ferret sent to me for observation because he
> "walking funny and could he have arthritis?". After an hour at my
place it
> was clear that he was absolutely blind, later confirmed by our
vet. His
> owner didn't realise it because the ferret was totally familiar
with his own
> home surroundings but had to learn new surroundings at my place.
Just a
> thought.

That really is an excellent consideration, and one that I probably
would not have come up with. He does seem to live his life in very
slow motion. But, blindness really couldn't explain his inability
to lift his hind leg to his ear???? I'm still searching for clues on
that one?

Thanks for your help.
- Nicole