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Date: 2002-02-22 00:08:00 UTC
Subject: Pasturella


I am trying to find some information concerning this infection. I
have 2 ferrets from a ferret business that I help with
rehabilitating. Once rehabilitated I take them back and get
another that needs special attention. I do know that it is highly
contagious and apparently will come back. The mediccation dosage of
Bactyil have been changed. The inital ferret that had it around
Oct/Nov. Gone in Dec back in Feb. I searched the archieves, but
didn't see anything concerning bacterium. They are in good moods.
The one with the reacurrance has been under stress. She does not
want to eat on her own. She had recently started to take in fluids
on her own. I think she had a case of spoildom. I don't feed her
in the mornings. I just make sure she has fresh soft food. I need
her to want to eat. The other one was in bad shape when he got in.
He had an abscess that they were aware of until it busted and
freaked me out one night with blood running out of his mouth the
test came back with this bacterium. I have not been successful in
finding out alot of information about this. If anyine has
information concerning this please advise. They are kept separate
with everything. Bleach is used to wash their eating utensils along
with cages.

Thank you
Benita Booker