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From: sweet28red
Date: 2002-02-22 17:35:00 UTC
Subject: what about baby food?

Sorry if I seem a little backwards about ferrets butI am lost on the
baby food thing. I am going on what I have heard on the internet and
our vet on their caretaking. Are they supposed to be getting
babyfood along with their regular food? Or am I just reading this
wrong? Admittedly our vet is the only one with any ferret history
and my understanding is he isn't too up to date on them either. So,
I do rely a lot on what I read and see here or on other sites. My
babies are doing much better except one has decided qtips are really
yummy. I have him on a hairball remover and he sees the vet
tomorrow. Anyway does the babyfood give them a little more nutrients
or can I just keep up with their food (Country Valley Ferret Food)
and they get ferret treats called LM animal farms Ferret Treats Made
with real cheese. Bananna Berry flavor. Believe me they love them
but I limit them to one treat a day of those. They also love bananna
chips. Thanks for your replies in advance and sorry if I am a little
lost on all of this. Guess I need to find more information to figure
the little guys out.