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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2002-02-23 21:06:00 UTC
Subject: private e-mails

I just had a request from one of our members, M., who asked that I
remind folks that for private e-mails they need to either copy and
paste in the recipient's addy (which is her technique), or use the
shortcut that I prefer of opening the message within
and then clicking on the address of the poster, rather than clicking
on "reply". "Reply" goes to the list, but clicking on the address
allows you to send a private mail.

Here is another useful reminder (with addies fractionally modified so
that Yahoo doesn't truncate them) :
<Ferret-Health-list-owner -- at --> is ONLY to the moderators.
To post instead use Ferret-Health-list -- at -- .

One thing that i have learned in the last three days while being strict about posts that were tiny but accompanied a long quote is that a number of the people said, "Opps, I wanted that to be a private mail to the poster; did not mean to send it publicly.", so I hope that this helps someone.