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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2002-02-24 04:28:00 UTC
Subject: Post op and still sick

From: "Pam Zak" <cakelady@g...>
To: <Ferret-Health-list@y...>

My five year old female is two weeks post op for adrenal disease. Prior she
had a horrible skin problem where beyond loosing her hair she also lost her
skin in large spots.These areas developed into scabby sores that she is
constantly licking and scratching. She was treated with Ivermectin prior to
surgury.I have 5 other ferrets that did not have any sign of mites. She was
also put on prednisone before and again post-op. NOTHING is helping her. The
vet is clueless.I have had other ferrets with adrenal disease but they
bounced back shortly after. It doesn't appear to be mass cell either. Has
anyone got an idea what this might be?

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