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Date: 2002-02-24 16:22:00 UTC
Subject: Re Fibrosarcoma

Wolf had surgery 3 times for fibrosarcoma. It grew back each time
within 6 months-and grew larger than it had been the last time. I
made the most of each day with him-took pictures and videos like
crazy, and cut off some of his pretty fur to save while he was still
bopping around. We went everywhere together.

And when I thought he was just beginning to suffer in his
breathing-I put him to sleep.
I waited one day too long with his brother, and listened to him
scream in pain all the way to emergency. They had trouble putting
him down. It was horrible.

You feel badly either way-a little early, or too late. But Wolf was
not going to make it.He had fibrosarcoma. I did for him what I would
have wished someone would do for me in the same situation.