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From: C Crowley
Date: 2002-02-25 11:36:00 UTC
Subject: Ferret won't eat his food anymore

I have a ferret who recently swallowed a tablet of ibuprofin. To
make a long story short, we spent all night at the emergency vet and
he made it past
getting the stuff out of his system. My problem is that since then,
he won't
touch his food. I've tried everything. He will eat a little banana,
carrot and raisins. Unfortunately, none of these substitute for his
food. He is already about 1/2 his normal weight, due to the
overdosage and
subsequent vomiting and illness. I have tried giving him baby food,
down ferret food, kitten chow (which he loved as an occaisional
treat) and
everything else I can think of. He violently fights being force fed
and I am
at a loss for what else to do. Should I continue to feed force feed
him or not feed him and hope if he gets hungry enough he'll eat? Any
suggestions on getting him reinterested in his food would be greatly

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