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From: Bruce Gaylord
Date: 2002-02-26 04:39:00 UTC
Subject:, please don't remove from bookmark list,
server software change, , making subdomains, please don't remove from the bookmark list, I'm changing
server software, also making subdomains, please bear with the site being
down. So, please don't remove from the bookmark list, just
making some changes. The sites registered through 2006 so I do plan on being
around for some time.

Bruce and the ferrets here.

(URL:DNS had a problem this weekend if you typed in it
went to a class reunion home page)

[Moderator's note: Advanced Help is a site which links to very useful health sites for ferrets; apparently it is having a temporary problem and Bruce Gaylord needs al to be patient till it is cleared up and not delete the site from your bookmarks.]