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From: Angela Espinet
Date: 2002-02-26 12:59:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Dangers of ear mites!

Hello Wolfy,
Have you ever seen EAR MITES under a microscope,
they are horrible little creatures that I am sure you
would not want crawling around in YOUR ears! BTW---a
doctor did a study at CORNELL some years back, putting
the mites in his OWN ears, however they did not
survive, which is great news for US!
Besides the dangers already mentioned just having
the constant 'crawling/itching' should be the
incentive to get rid of the little pests!
For years, when I ran the shelter, we had to
battle ear mites, no sooner had we got rid of them,
then in would come a new ferret and WE WOULD HAVE TO
START ALL OVER AGAIN! It really was the most annoying
part of running a shelter that I can think of!
Then one day my vet and his assistant decided to
personally help me at the shelter and we used
MITA-CLEAR, although it was not recommended by the
manufacturer we started the regimen of treating 140
ferrets! We inserted the liquid into each ear and then
5 days later we cleaned everyone's ears and repeated
the medication!
A week later we cleaned all ears and repeated the
medication, after another week the vet checked
EVERYONE'S EARS and believe me I was more surprised
than anyone to finally be RID OF EAR MITES!!!
Because of my disbelief my very kind vet spent
much of his time checking with a microscope to see if
there were eggs or mites and only thing that showed
were a few dead bodies!!!
If you decide to go this route then do wash your
cage bedding and your ferret's inbetween treatments,
so that any mites that may migrate out of the ear will
be destroyed also, btw-MITA-CLEAR is

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