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Date: 2002-02-26 16:11:00 UTC
Subject: Ashes is scheduled for surgery in the morning.


Thought I'd see if anyone had a ferret that developed a tumor in his/her ear,
and what results you had when surgery was done.

I took Ashes in to have my vet look at his ear Monday, when I discovered what
I thought was an infected abscess in his ear. The vet said it was an
infected polyps tumor and needed to go in for surgery. So Ashes heads to
surgery tomorrow morning. I am worried and also wondering if I might be
making a mistake and it could have been just an abscess and if he had just
drained it, it would be OK. I just hope he doesn't have to take part of the
outside ear.

Also wondering if $250.00 sounds reasonable for this type of surgery.

This is one tumor I have never heard of. I guess it makes sense you could
get tumors anywhere on your body.

Any thoughts and prayers regarding poor Ashes ear problem would be very much

Charlene and the WA. tails