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From: Shele Thompson
Date: 2002-02-27 16:08:00 UTC
Subject: Safe for litter???

Hi! I'm back with another question. I took to heart all of the
information on using wood stove pellets for litter. Well, we are
running into the same problem a lot of people are we have to order a
semi load. I went to our local stove shop and they had a bag.
However they needed it for their stoves. So, they gave me a big bag
of alfalfa pellets to use instead. Is this stuff safe for ferrets
or not? I wanted to ask before using it in their boxes. The guy
there said that it was a digestable matter however I remember
reading that pine and cedar was a problem for ferrets. Is alfalfa
the same or would it cause blockages? I did put some in water to
see what would happen and all it has done is fall apart into
particles. Not even big enough to cause a blockage from what I
could tell. I would greatly appreciate some help because my Bubba
likes to roll in the litter after a bath and then what is the point
of a bath? lol Thanks for any help in advance!!!!

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