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Date: 2002-02-27 17:01:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Ashes is home and tucked into his Ferret cube!

Thanks Dr. Williams for offering to take a look at the tumor. The vet has
already sent it out. I ask him if I could have a copy to send to you. So
when I get the results will send them to you. Could you send my your snail
mail address. Thanks

The vet said that it was a deep tumor and that because he didn't want to
cause balance problems he was not able to get all of it. It may grow back.
Thank-goodness he didn't have to take any of Ashes ear. Ashes seem find, but
I am sure its because the pain killers have not worn off. He even ate Turkey
Gravy, kibbles and his Natures Recipe Tartar treats. Then got in his Modern
Ferret Flannel Cube and went to bed!

Thanks for all the prayers everyone sent me and Ashes!

Charleen and the Wa. Tails