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From: jasperand4
Date: 2002-02-28 07:14:00 UTC
Subject: Cystic Kidney

Hi all
My 8 month old jill has just had her right kidney removed.
I posted here yesterday, but had little response.
I am trying to find any info on cystic kidneys in ferrets.
What is the most common cause likely to be in such a young ferret?
Anything that I should be aware of, that could possibly arise after her
Could someone point me in the direction of a website with any general info
about cystic kidneys in ferrets?
I really need to get some general info on this, as I am completely in the
dark with this one and hadn't even heard of the condition until last Monday.
I appreciate any help and advice that you can offer me.

BTW, my little girl came home yesterday and all the initial sighns are good.

Many thanks


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