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From: sukieferret
Date: 2002-02-28 12:32:00 UTC
Subject: Read here to find your thank you!

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who contributes so much to this list: vets, experts, and all of the members who bothered to read and follow the recent moderators' memos. It means a great deal to us that fewer people are sending duplicate posts, that most people are making sure that their quotes are smaller than their own comments, that people are taking care to be inclusive to all in the ways that they word posts and subject lines, that responsible members are making sure to have references displayed for their short quotes from journal articles and books, that kind souls are reminding others about the search engine and about the Files and Bookmark sections at ,

If you have missed the earlier memos, you know now and that will prevent you from suffering a rejection at some point (which we hate to do but too often must if rules aren't followed), so just follow the guidelines and rules, and next time when one of the other moderators or I say "Thank you." you will know that you are included, too!