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From: Laurel Gallant
Date: 2002-02-28 14:40:00 UTC
Subject: Re: strange bump on ferrets back

I am not a vet. Just my experience with something
similar, however my ferret's tumor on his ear was
biopsied and it was a systemic tumor. I didn't have
the by his shoulder blade removed until it was big and
scabby. He also had one on his foot and tail which
were never removed(he's at Rainbow Bridge now). He had
other health problems which one of his meds was
sugarfree benedryl for children(bubble gum flavor, he
didn't like the cherry) and we seem to think it help
keep the tumor on his foot from getting bigger because
after he was taking it on a regular basis it stayed
the same size. The one on his tail got bigger and bled
more but we decided to not do surgery because of
quality of life and I just put styptic powder on it to
keep it from bleeding it helped. Again this is just my
experience and the vet can only determined if you
should wait. I will keep your fuzzy in my prayers.

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