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From: Karin
Date: 2002-03-19 02:36:00 UTC
Subject: small wart in forhead - Thank you for your reply !

Dear 'sukieferret' and Dr. Bruce Williams,

Thank you very much for your reply regarding warty skin tumor.
I looked into the websites which you informed me of, and learned well.
Dr.Williams, yes, the wart of my boy looks exactly the same as the
first photo of your page for 'sebaceous epitheliomas'.
I have printed-out the page, so that I could show it to my (his) vet..
I'm going to ask him minor surgery as to remove the wart asap, but I'm still
anxious for, if he has enough knowledge or experience in that
field. This warty tumor is also happened with cats/dogs ? if so,
certainly the vet has some idea.
Is the surgery done with local anesthesia? I hope it won't give big
stress to my boy....

With sooooo much thanks,