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From: kellechu
Date: 2002-04-08 17:01:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Metronidazole and resistant Giardia

Your question if ferrets become resistant to
metronidazole like cats and dogs...I agree with Sukie
in that the disease-causing organisms become mutated
and resistant. Unfortunately, I fear my household is
dealing with such a strain of Giardia.

My ferrets were on the Metronidazole for 7 weeks with
little improvement in symptoms. Usually good stools
after 4 days of medication, but then by the time the
medication was due to be stopped, another flare-up
would occur and we would get another refill on the
Metronidazole. BTW, there was never at any point
during the 7 weeks where they WEREN'T be given the
Metronidazole, because the flare-up would occur before
the medicine ran out.

I have done everything to keep their room and cages
clean, with daily diluted bleach cleanings of bowls,
litterboxes, toys and bedding. Even wet-vaccing the
carpet in their room to get any cysts left behind.
The vet said they keep re-infecting themselves by
grooming their bums. Oops, and I guess I forgot that
because I still received ferret kisses from them
without thinking that they probably just finished
licking you-know-where. So I came down with Giardia
and have been on the Metronidazole for 3 weeks now and
the doctors keep upping the strength and doses given
of the meds. I think I'm up to three times the normal
dose given now, and it seems like the Giardia just
laughs at the Flagyl (Metronidazole) now.

Oh, BTW, my ferrets were given that Giardia Vax
vaccine which finally (knock on wood) cleared up my
ferrets. They were given 2 boosters 2 weeks apart. I
was very nervous about using my babies as "test"
subjects since I don't know of any other ferrets
receiving this vaccine. But it seems to work so far.
Their stool hasn't been *perfect* yet, but definitely
lots of normal-looking (if not a little moister than
normal) poops. I just wish they made a vaccine for me


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